Summer Puertollano

Summer Puertollano (@summer_skin) is a film photographer and interdisciplinary artist, who moved out of the city to live by the sea. She finds harmony in her practice and interest on visual arts, poetry, and making things by hand.

She has participated in group exhibitions for contemporary art; an off-site ArtFair PH event; and a number of Music/Art festivals as an installation artist. As well as having some works printed in a collective zine; writing narrative stories for artists and local brands; and having a few film works in a public art installation.

With her renewed desire to brave her path as a visual artist, she is tapping into her inner child and intuitive art.

Even as a little girl, she always found herself highly connected to nature and the simple kind of living. Now, highly influenced by the life she chose, she draws her creativity from experience, music, life’s in-betweens, imperfections, and what’s innately real.

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