Mhygsz Gomez II

Hi, my name is Mhygsz Gomez II aka bimpoman. I'm a filmmaker and multidisciplinary artist. I started my career from the bottom as a IT System Administrator & Technical Operations Engineer for a production and post-production companies for Full-Length Featured Films, TV Commercials, Visual Effects and Film Restoration where I stayed for almost 9 years. While working as an Engineer, I also worked my way up the ladder for Creative works as a Freelance Film Editor, Photographer, Camera Operator and a Digital Colorist. As the world stood still during the pandemic, I came to a realization that I needed to do something more with my life. I needed a change. I picked up my camera again and started filming and collaborating with anyone creative. Today, I work as a full time freelance filmmaker, cinematographer, fashion & fine-art Photographer and colorist on themes that are closest to my heart. Most of my focus these days is working as a Creative Director for a starting Production Company.

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