Jilson Tiu

We are in a state of flux — bodies and beings always in transit, enroute to making life happen. In this coming and going lies an equalizing stillness: At the end of each day, we embrace a sense of homecoming. This is what going home looks like.

Jilson Tiu’s personal photography work captures street scenes wherever he roams on his bicycle. Manila is his sprawling playground. As he chases the lights from one LRT station to another during rush hour, he would pause to observe where these lights hit, as the density of people fill his frame.

These are images of the public’s long commute home at day’s end. The phrase “On the way home” is often a text we send to our loved ones as we go our separate ways after work, parties or any adventure. But for some, home is always being on the road. The exhibit highlights our collective experience of finding our way home: shifting roads, from one way to another, being stuck in reverse, chasing traffic lights and bustling through crowds as we sometimes, slowly, painstakingly inch our way home, often repeating this struggle every single day. “In the end, I am still on my way home.”

Jilson Tiu is a professional photographer and photojournalist based in the Philippines. He shoots corporate and editorial work, contributing photos and stories to web and print media locally and to NGOs abroad. His Instagram account @jilsontiu features his personal work and has gained much popularity among photography enthusiasts and other netizens.

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