Hersley Casero

Hersley-Ven Casero is a multidisciplinary visual artist, street & documentary photographer born and based in Dumaguete City, Philippines. Growing up in a small rural village in the Visayas region, his passion for photography began during his time in college, where his artistic eye was noticed by LA Times photographer Luis Sinco, and he was sponsored equipment and mentored by him. Upon graduating, Hersley did a stint as an Art & Photography course teacher at Foundation University, and also conducted – along with his mentor, and Magnum photographer Eli Reed – a series of South Pacific Photography Workshops. Now, as a full-time artist, when he’s not in his studio, he is out on the streets with his camera in hand. Over the years, Hersley has developed a reputation in his home city as a prolific and passionate street and documentary photographer, quick to the scene of historical events, and from time-to-time his photographs are featured in local newspapers, as well as national and international publications and exhibitions.

Recently, he has earned several international awards & recognitions for his photography, including Finalist by Street Photography International Awards 2022, 2nd Prize & Finalist by the Italian Street Photography Awards 2022, ‘Category Winner of the Year’ by Muse Photography Awards 2021 and Silver Medal by Paris International Street Photography Awards 2020, to mention a few.

His long-term passion project is his ‘Catch a Moment’ street photography series, in which he catches split-second snapshots of elements aligning in uncanny ways in everyday life.

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