Fran vianzon

Francis Allen Vianzon, or fran vianzon, started shooting film in 2016 after experimenting with his father's old camera. Since then, he decided to take on the medium exclusively for his creative work moving forward as an artist. Initially, fran vianzon believed that the value and meaning of his art depended solely on the interpretation of the viewer, refusing to curate his work and releasing it all on his online gallery for the people to decide what is good and what isn't. Now, he understands the value of giving his own work direction with the creation of diptychs and triptychs, a photobook in 2020 entitled "the Quarantine Collection Vols 1 &2", and soon a zine that is currently in development. Francis Allen Vianzon has collaborated with and contributed to a few movements, groups, and creative collections within the Filipino film community such as SouthLab, LomoManila, OverExposed, and many more to spread the love of the process and to help keep film flourishing. Outside of photography, Francis is 1/2 of the creative partnership "Vienna & France", wherein he writes and makes art with his fellow Filipino artist who goes by the pseudonym Vienna. He is a Junior Architect by profession.

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