Dar San Agustin is a visual creative that uses photography and alternative printing to express her art. She believes in a more direct, intimate, hands-on, whole-hearted approach in image-making.

It’s no coincidence that she immediately took an interest in alternative printing, and was easily drawn to the blue world of cyanotypes. Her works typically challenge the norm of modern image-making by drawing more attention to, and exploring the relationships among the visual elements, the medium that they’re printed on, the artist’s own role in the creation of the image, and narrative that’s born out of the whole process.

The delicate, relaxed way she handles the chemicals, paper, and ultimately, images of her art belies her experience in the photography industry. Dar is a hardened professional who has worked with some of the big names, in some of the most demanding niches of the field for the greater part of a decade. Eventually, she decided to trade the constantly-pressured, fast-paced, but highly-rewarding lifestyle for the (still) adventurous, but calmer rigors of freelance life.

Dar holds a Bachelor of Arts in Photography from the De La Salle - College of Saint Benilde in Manila, Philippines, is a beloved and well-regarded educator in the same institution, and has set her sights on furthering her studies in the future.

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