Carina Altomonte

Harnessing her background in painting, Carina Altomonte has transposed her knowledge of composition, light, and texture into her photography. After working several years in commercial photography, Carina now uses her camera to journal her inner conversations about the relationship between dance, nature, music, and memory. These themes can be seen in various photography collections and in her experimental work with fabric.

Carina has participated in various group exhibitions including Prolegomenon in 2001, curated by Gerardo Tan; Picture This in 2003, curated by Roberto Chabet; Picture Painting in 2005 at the Vargas Museum curated by Nilo Ilarde; and Manifold Reflections in 2017 at Art Anton Gallery. Her work has also been featured in Pulp, Preview, and Uno magazines. Carina is also known in the music industry for shooting album covers of Kamikazee, Franco, and Moonstar 88.

Her collection exploring personal mythologies through dance, Myth of the Muse, can be viewed at

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