Alessandro Pacla

My name is Alessandro Arville Pacla. I am a 23-year old self-taught photographer. Back when I was 13 years old, it was through my iPod touch that I first started to find interest in photography. Initially, I would only take pictures of places and things that caught my attention. I took these photos without any specific concept of photography in mind. After seeing how much I enjoyed taking pictures on my phone, it was my mom who brought up the idea of photography as a hobby. After years of just using my phone camera and studying the basics of photography, I felt that I was ready to explore new ways of capturing photos.

My mom, who used to work in Kodak back in the 90’s, recommended reading up on film photography. For months, I did my research, watched videos, and even read my mom’s old Kodak books. I believe that the time I spent familiarizing myself with film photography gave me the push I needed to finally pursue it. And so I was given my first film camera. I used it to familiarize myself with it and get an actual feel of shooting on film. I would take pictures of friends and family, as well as my commute to school. At this time, I would often look at photos and try my best to emulate those that caught my eye. I fell in love with the whole process of photography. This led me to study more about the specifics like lighting, and composition. I also familiarized myself with the types of photography. Upon studying these, I was drawn most to street photography. This led me to really focus on this particular style, and build the skills I need to be good at it.

For about 4 years now, this is what I have been mainly focusing on when it comes to photography. Over the years, my family and friends have started to notice my interest in photography. Because of this, a few of them have reached out to me to have their photos taken. For example, a friend of mine who was in need of photos for their social media and Spotify accounts commissioned me to do a mini photoshoot for their portraits. Also, in 2020, I have had the privilege in having a one-day mentorship under Artu Nepomuceno.

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