Tom Epperson

Tom Epperson grew up in California, lived in Australia for ten years, and has been based in the Philippines since 1985. In 1989, he established his first photography studio in Manila, focusing on editorials, portraits, and ad campaigns, before transitioning to architecture and fine art. In addition to his career, Tom's exceptional talent as a photographer has been showcased in numerous prestigious art exhibitions. His debut exhibit, "One Light," featured 55 portraits and was a historic event as the first photo exhibit hosted at the renowned Ayala Museum. His creative vision was further evident in the "Frozen" series, inspired by a month-long journey to Mongolia. This two-part series received sponsorship and recognition from industry leaders, including BMW Philippines and the Shangri-La Philippines. In 2009, Tom achieved a significant milestone by becoming the first Manila-based photographer to be invited for an exhibit at the Tyler Rollins Gallery in the Chelsea district of New York. The exhibition, titled "12 BELOW," presented the poignant story of a Filipino family's memorabilia, both physically frozen in blocks of ice and metaphorically frozen in time. Tom’s artistry continues to bloom. His muse is the ever-changing beauty of nature, the stories of people, and the vivid canvas of life.