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  • Fotomoto 22 brings us “Home”

    Having eased out of the rigidity of life in quarantine, the curatorial team has decided that “Home” would be a fitting theme for Fotomoto 22.

  • What Does Home Look Like to You? Gio Panlilio Says Fotomoto 22 Aims to Reimagine Comfortable Spaces

    As someone who experienced lengthy isolation periods himself, Fotomoto Founding Member Gio Panlilio understands that the sense of home, while tied to places, may also be as abstract as a feeling, relationship, or ritual.

  • Re-Lensing "Home": What to Expect at Fotomoto's 2022 Exhibition

    Fotomoto unveils its 2022 exhibition offering the country’s premier photographers’ perspectives on the “sense of home.”

  • Here’s the List of Photographers Whose Pictures Made It to This Year’s Fotomoto PH Show

    The open call submissions came from all over the Philippines and from other parts of the world, all tackling the given theme of “Home,” an especially rich subject following two years of people forced to create new lives within its boundaries. 

  • Home is Where the Light Is

    Tiu’s Fotomoto 22 Photo project exhibition, Going Home, featured photos that elicit the frustrations that Metro Manila commuters face from day to day.

  • Village of Windows: A Walk-Through in Fotomoto 22’s Home Exhibit

    Fotomoto 22’s exhibit established a village of ebbing and flowing alive stills. Giving way to the multitude of windows, portals to the often regarded simple yet nostalgically thought-provoking theme, ‘Home’.