Jason Quibilan

Jason Quibilan is a professional photographer based in Manila. His works include editorial work with prominent local publications such as Esquire, Vogue, Tatler, and Entrepreneur Magazine as well as Monocle, Tatler Hongkong, and Forbes Magazine abroad. He photographed (and produced through his company, Stills MNL) the Department of Tourism and Tourism Board of the Philippines’ 2022 advertising campaign: “Go Where Your Mind’s Been Wandering Campaign”. In 2016, he began close collaborations with the late National Artist Arturo Luz on a series of photographs and prints. This collaboration led to the founding of Silver, a fine art and print production company based out of Quibilan’s home studio in Quezon City, Shutterspace Studios. During the 2020 Pandemic Lockdown, he established Shelter Fund, a print drive initiative that sold close to 2000 prints and benefitted over 300 artists and photographers. He has exhibited personal work beginning in 2015 with his first show, “Aurals” at the Crucible Gallery. In the same year, he also photographed and produced a privately commissioned photobook entitled “Bataan: Impressions of Everyday Valor”. Since then, he has shown work annually at Art Fair Philippines.