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Since 2018, Art Fair Philippines has dedicated significant exhibition space exclusively to photography in the section called ArtFairPH/Photo. This year 2024, Fotomoto has been entrusted with the curation of ArtFairPH/Photo. Heralding the direction of contemporary Philippine photography within the mainstream art market, FotomotoPH is showcasing a variance of media and stories behind more than 30 artworks. The exhibit includes images from the 1990s and artworks that examine the vital role of photography in the evolution of architecture, journalism, painting, sculpture, video, and its relation to archives, conservation, and publication.

During the fair, FotomotoPH will be announcing the theme for the 2024 Open Call. The Open Call seeks to encourage submissions from photographers and photo-based artists from around the country and the diaspora. This format brings Philippine photography to the fore through diversity, inclusivity, and discovery. It is a unique initiative that enables art photographers to share and exhibit their work at premier art spaces. 

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Celebrate the best in Philippine contemporary art for 10 days with our partners all around the city.

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Previous Exhibitions


The inaugural theme of Portraits, launched in 2021, was selected as a response to the prolonged isolation that many experienced throughout the pandemic. Our collective experience was impaired by a limited connection to other humans, and as the opportunity to hold physical exhibitions returned, the group aimed to center on humans, and the various interpretations artists would have on the theme.


The second theme, launched in 2022, expanded from the individual and the self to our immediate surroundings. We had emerged with new perspectives on our homes due to prolonged isolation, working and studying from home, migration, displacement, loss of one’s home or finding a new one. The sense of home, while tied to places, was also interpreted in abstract ways– as a feeling, relationship or ritual.