FotomotoPH invites photographers and artists to submit for the theme of “Home”. 

We have emerged from the past two years with new perspectives on our homes, due to prolonged isolation, working and studying from home, migration, displacement, loss of one’s home or finding a new one. The sense of home, while tied to places, may also be as abstract as a feeling, relationship or ritual. We welcome all cultural, historical, socio-political and personal narratives captured through the various genres of photo-based works, from all regions of the Philippines.

Fotomoto 22: Home Curatorial Team — Stephanie Frondoso, Tom Epperson, Neal Oshima, Raena Abella, Jes Aznar, Gio Panlilio, and Wawi Navarroza — will be selecting  images anonymously and will base solely on the photographs submitted.


  • FototomotoPH is interested in Philippine photography specifically, hence there must be some kind of verifiable Philippine context.

  • If you are not a Filipino, but if you have taken the photos in the Philippines, then, as far as we are concerned, that is enough Philippine context.

  • The Fotomoto 22: Home exhibition is a photography-centric event.

    "A photographic image, at minimum, must involve the action of a light-sensitive medium as basis. This medium may be essentially chemical in nature, (film, paper, plates and the like) or it may be electronic, such as a camera sensor. This irreducible quality of light sensitivity thus mandates a governed exposure. The use or absence of a camera, lens, shutter, etc. is of no consequence. As long as the medium is exposed to light, and reacts by creating an image (which may or may not need to be processed or rendered), we define that as a photograph.

    The image may be post-processed, elements may be added or subtracted, and these elements may not involve a light-sensitive medium. The image may be manipulated, distorted or otherwise transformed. However, if the basis was a photographic image, and that image is still the dominant visual element, then it remains a photograph."

  • The photographer must be the author of the photographs submitted in their name.


  • Deadline of submissions is on September 30, 2022, 12NN. All entries must have accurate captions and descriptions, written in English or Filipino.

  • You may submit one entry. This may consist of individual, unrelated images, or multiple, related images, such as a series, diptych or triptych. You may submit a maximum of ten (10) images per entry.

  • We charge a Submission Fee of P550 for the first five (5) images and P100 per additional image. This pays for file management, storage, and security.

  • Payment of the Submission Fee does not guarantee that your image will be chosen and printed for the exhibit.

  • All digital files must be sent in JPEG OR TIFF (preferably) format with a size of at least 8 megapixels at 300 DPI.


  • The selected photographers and works will be notified via email.

  • FotomotoPH will be sending a conforme and contract to be signed by the participating photographers.

  • FotomotoPH will charge an Exhibition Fee of P1,500 per image, primarily to cover the cost of print production.

  • Final presentation of the works will be decided by the curatorial team and FotomotoPH.


  • You will own the Exhibition Print and may take possession of it after the end of the exhibitions.

  • Your images will be shown in the principal Fotomoto 22 Exhibitions. Beyond the opening exhibition, they will travel to different venues around the country.

  • With your concurrence, your images will be made available for sale as Large Format (typically 16” x 20”), Limited Edition Fine Art Prints at Fotomoto Exhibits. Artists get 50% of the Net Proceeds of the sale of each print.

  • Your image/s will be offered for sale as 5” x 7” Gallery Prints on the Fotomoto website, as an affordable, limited run, open-edition print.
    Artists get 50% of the Net Proceeds of the sale of each print.

  • Inclusion of your image/s in the Fotomoto Book, an annual publication of all exhibited images.


  • Submission deadline: September 30, 2022.

  • Notification to the selected photographers : No later than the first week of October 2022.

  • The selected works will be exhibited at various venues in the Philippines from November 2022 until June 2023.

    • Exhibition (NCR): November 2022
    • Exhibition (Luzon): February 2023
    • Exhibition (Visayas): May 2023

For more details, please visit Fotomoto 22: Home FAQs or