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Three O' Clock Habit | Jopie Sanchez

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Open Edition with a Fotomoto Certificate of Authenticity.

8 x 10in Pigment Print on Hahnemuehle Photo Rag.


Confined to the familiarity of our family home during the first wave of the pandemic, I was forced to change the way I interact and view our living space through the lens of a camera.

Keeping to myself for the most part of each day led me to notice the way that light would shift and illuminate our house. I eventually realized that the most beautiful way it would do so occurs from 3PM to 4PM. I considered this our house’s personal golden hour. It cannot be replicated elsewhere because the sun would need to interact with the foliage and structure the exact same way. Thus, every location has its own personal golden hour.

Initially I would use this hour to marvel and wonder, eventually to write and think, and later on to take photographs. Over the months, it somewhat became an hour to mindfully commune with all things I consider sacred. Thus, I ended up referring to it as “Three O’ Clock Habit,” also as an homage to the prayer of the same name that would show up everyday on TV when I was younger.

For several months after lockdown, I found myself detaching from photography because I would mostly shoot candid scenes encountered outdoors. Film was also becoming an expensive passion to maintain because I found myself jobless as a freelancer. With no subject to shoot and practicality on the line, at some point I was scared that I no longer had the eye for photography -- until I latched onto that hour daily and my eyes found something not quite new to actually see and not just look at. I later on ended up documenting some of these moments on film and found a way to develop my roll at home instead to manage the cost of shooting analog again. These photos were taken during those hours. These are also from the first roll I personally shot, developed, and scanned.

These photos, although of the mundane, are deeply personal. They are an intimate peek into those hours I considered sacred. It is my hope that in looking at these, the viewer also rethinks the way they view their current living space and discovers the sacred moments they share with their own homes.