I Found Solace 1 | Waren Valdez

I Found Solace 1 | Waren Valdez

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Open Edition with a Fotomoto Certificate of Authenticity.

8 x 10in Pigment Print on Hahnemuehle Photo Rag.


Amidst of loss, pain and loneliness, are we still able to find a sense of home? Can we take refuge and find warmth again? Can we still immortalize the love that has faded and bring back its bloom once again? A home is an inner foundation of everyone’s soul. In holds our most valuable memories, experiences, and emotions. It is a sacred place that nurtures our whole sense of being. It is a safe space, the place we take refuge when faced with life’s difficult situations. A home is where she finds security, and be reminded about her own honest and vulnerable selves, where she finds strength and acceptance, to face all of these things until she recovers and be back again. It is where she can immortalize an inner longing for love and warmth of a loved one or realize that she’s just a person standing alone and gradually will fade. A home is where we find solace, that even in pain, loss and disappointment, there will be a new sprout of hope, of love, that will bloom beautifully someday.