Blessings | Fran Vianzon

Blessings | Fran Vianzon

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Open Edition with a Fotomoto Certificate of Authenticity.

8 x 10in Pigment Print on Hahnemuehle Photo Rag.


[Originally a triptych; Third image was omitted to make way for other images in the set.]

The pandemic had us staying at home, for our safety and the safety of everyone around us - most especially the elderly. "Blessings" (along with "Praises") captures the moment when the home turns into a place of worship. For those unable to go to their church or temple, the home becomes what you need it to be.

The scene is the artist's paternal grandmother, Belen, sitting with her hands clasped in prayer in front of a television in the living area of her home, respecting the sanctity of the Roman Catholic Mass, even when the only witness is herself and her God. "Blessings" was made using Ilford HP5+ 400 Black & White film on a 1954 Taiyodo Koki Beautyflex T Twin Lens Reflex Camera.